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User identification with magnetic chips
Secure identification with Dallas Chips
Easy integration
Very comfortable and easy to operate
Round stylish housing
The Glancetron 1300 is a particularly secure waiter lock that is easily integrated. Different users (e.g. waiters) are identified by the POS system through small magnetic chips (waiter keys). Every key contains a factory-set, 16-digit key that cannot be user-adjusted. As soon as a magnetic contact between key chip and lock is established, the Glancetron 1300 waiter lock sends they chip number to the PC using a keyboard wedge or RS232 interface. Upon removing the key, a series of up to seven characters can be sent to the host which makes it possible to determine if the cash desk is still in use.

Restaurant personnel will find this magnetic chip technology significantly easier and faster to use than conventional plug or key systemsC especially during peak hours. The chips only have to be placed on the magnetic contact where they remain magnetically stuck. Due to the missing openings, this system is far less susceptible to dirt, moisture and grease. A connection cable for the RS232 interface and a keyboard wedge is included with every Glancetron 1300. Please order the required chips separately.
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